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1 Are you tired of having to choose between comfort and style? Do you hate when salespeople pressure you to buy what THEY want, not what you love? At Wildberries, we stock women’s clothing that combines comfort and style, and we never pressure you into buying anything. Our shop has evolved from a simple costume shop to a women’s clothing boutique offering handpicked clothing, accessories, jewelry, gifts and more. Stop by one of our two locations today!

About Wildberries

Wildberries started out as a costume shop back in 1991, and we’ve since expanded to offer a wide variety of items in our boutique. We focus on providing products that we know our customers will love; you deserve clothing that’s perfect for traveling, relaxing and any other activity. Instead of buying dozens of a single style, we handpick our clothing, jewelry and accessories to make sure you have a unique look. The owners of Wildberries love finding the newest looks and providing elegant, beautiful pieces to our customers. We serve customers in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lake Worth, Greenacres, Highland Beach and Pompano Beach.

What We Offer


Here are just a few of the reasons to shop at Wildberries for all your clothing and accessories:

  • Unique Selection: If you see something you like in our shop, you should purchase it that day; we keep it to one or two pieces of each item!
  • Wide Range of Sizes: We stock sizes ranging from XS through 1X, with larger sizes available in many instances. We will special order items in colors or sizes as necessary.
  • Convenient Sales: We will gladly ship items to your home if your suitcase is too full, or if we are out of something you simply must have.
  • Honest Service: Our company philosophy is "we want to make a customer, not a sale.” We are ALWAYS honest with how we think you look in our clothes. If it’s not great, we will tell you.

In addition to our clothing, accessories and jewelry, we carry a selection of hostess gifts in a variety of prices, from cocktail napkins and guest towels to designer soap sets, stained glass photo frames and serving platters.

orange top Brands & Lines We Carry

We focus on providing the best clothing lines to give you access to the best women’s clothing.

  • Clara Sun Woo: Chic knit jersey separates and coordinates, great for travel and everyday use.
  • Lulu B: This Miami-based family company offers a resort wear line that is reasonably priced and comparable to high-end lines.
  • Habitat: Well-loved coordinates; "Clothes you live in" is the company’s motto.
  • Cut Loose: Domestic made cotton, cotton linen and other blend T-shirts in solids and stripes. A fantastic line which the owner wears all the time.
  • Neon Buddha: Chic answer to basic T-shirts and tops.
  • IC Collection: Fashion-forward cutting-edge designs, primarily formal jackets and tops.
  • Nally & Millie: Stylish contemporary tops with a California look.
  • … Plus, dozens of missy contemporary sportswear!

3 Our Locations

Visit one of our two convenient locations today!

6018 SW 18th St Suite C9
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Located in the Shoppes at Village Pointe.

10833 Jog Road, Suite 172
Boynton Beach, FL 33437

Located in the Shoppes at Woolbright on the corner of Jog & Woolbright in the Publix Plaza near Mimosa Café.


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Transitioning Apparel for Each Season

A pair of white capris is a stylish fashion statement. It shines in the spring, looks all right in the summer, and is a fashion abomination once fall rolls around. Save your white pants and other light-colored clothes for when the flowers are in full bloom.

Snowbirds beware! The hot, balmy Florida summers come with brisk air conditioning. The “summer sweater” is a Florida essential, something that can be slipped over a summer outfit to keep you warm indoors. Stay away from holiday colors, and look for a calm, neutral tone.

When the flowers start to wilt, it is time to tuck the light colors away. A pair of black pants is a great base for any complete outfit. Mix and match tops and tunics to your heart’s delight. Layering is a fun way to bring a splash of color into your outfit as the weather gets slightly cooler. Fall is also a great time to bring in accessories. Long necklaces, broaches, light scarves, and boots bring a little flair into your getup.

The winter season is a good time for darker colors, but never all black. A little bit of white makes for refreshing contrast with an otherwise subdued outfit. This is a great time of year to bring out the silver accessories and deeper tones.

Don’t worry yourself too much over dividing up your wardrobe. A piece that is beautiful in the spring can be just as marvelous in the winter. It is just a question of matching the right pieces to create the perfect ensemble for the season.


FAQ: Is this too young for me?

Here is the rule of thumb. If you have to ask, the answer is no. Here's why,

Having the willingness and the restraint to wear properly fitting and organized clothing each day is a demonstration of dignity and composure. It is not about what outfits one can "get away with." As our clothing is an expression of who we are on the inside, modesty is a symbol of self-respect and comfort with oneself.

Which colors should I avoid?
As spring rolls in, we start to see softer colors. Light greens and yellows bring out the beauty of the season as nature rises from a deep slumber. These colors are wonderful, with restraint. The princess pink should be left on the shelf. Other colors to be avoided are the vibrant oranges and greens. Unless you plan to be hopping up and down all night at a rave, you will need to skip the neon.

What about athletic clothes?
Athletic gear is appropriate if worn for a practical purpose. That is to say a day at the tennis courts is not an excuse to wear skimpy clothes but a logical reason to wear practical garb.

Is it okay to show a little skin?
It can be a challenge to find a single outfit without a low V neck or tight fit around the waist. That is just how our fashion industry works. As flattering as one of these outfits may look on you, the dilemma remains: What are you communicating to the world by wearing it?

Here is the long and short of it. When you are shopping, have fun. Try new things. The best advice is to wear what you are comfortable with.


What Makes a Good Hostess Gift?

The perfect hostess gift says this: “I am grateful for your hospitality and wish to return the favor.” It is a small item, not intrusive, not a fixture that demands to be permanently on display, something that can be enjoyed by all of the members of the household with a special nod to the one who took the time to prepare for your visit.

Traditional hostess gifts are household items but not décor. They are small picture frames, candles, soaps, and china. If you come into the shop, Pam will gladly help you find the perfect gift.

How to spice up your gift:
If you bring a candy dish, bring candy with it. The dish can be set out during your gathering for everyone to enjoy. After you leave, the hostess may choose to leave it out or tuck it away to make room for her own belongings. If you bring a candle, make sure it comes with an appropriate candle holder. The hostess may then light the candle to warm up the evening. At the end of the night, it won’t be taking up any more space.

Why not jewelry?
True: your friend may love earrings, necklaces, broaches, and everything of the sort. True: You may be able to find the perfect jewelry piece to give to her. Also true: You should save it for another occasion. Hostess gifts are meant for the whole household. After all, it is not just your friend who is opening the doors to you. It is important to ensure that no one feels left out.


Why do we wear fall clothes in Florida?

You won’t find any long-sleeve turtle neck sweaters on a Florida beach, but we love fall fashion as much as the next state. We can’t get enough of colorful scarves and cute change purses, and love to change up the colors to fit the season. Fall clothing just means something a little different in this balmy state. So why do we love this season so much?

1. There’s nothing like fall colors.

When pumpkin season comes around, the fall colors start popping. We look dazzling under the autumn sunset in our bold green pants and our stylish tan tops. We love to get creative with our colors, and fall is the perfect time to show off our creative palettes. So what if the weather’s warm? We’re welcoming fall in style.

2. Scarves are so much more than neck warmers.

A light scarf is just what we need to greet the season. Fall is our chance to bring plaid back, and make it look amazing with the perfect scarf. We wear scarves loosely around our necks, over our necklines, even in our hair.

3. Lightweight tops are so comfortable!

Here is one thing no one is wearing in New York- a flowing tunic in a fun fall color. These tops are light and fun, just perfect for a warm, sunny fall. We can accessorize with belts and scarves, heels and purses to create an unforgettable ensemble.

The next time someone asks why we dress up for fall in sunny South Florida, you know exactly why.


The Snowbird Dilemma

Nothing beats the feeling of leaving the brisk weather behind for warm days under the sun. When packing for a winter trip to the Florida beach, it can be hard to remember exactly how to prepare. This traveler’s guide is made just for the snowbirds out there. It covers all the points on what to bring and what to leave behind.

Pack these:

The balmy weather is wonderful but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Baseball caps are the most portable option but not always the most fashionable. You may choose to wear a hat on the plane ride to keep it from getting squished en transit, or just pick up a nice one in a Florida boutique.

Hotel towels are never big or fluffy enough, so the only solution is to bring your own. Nice towels are great for the pool but won’t last long on a beach trip.

Ditch these:

It is sometimes difficult to remember up north, but socks are a no-go in humid Florida. Pamper your feet with sandals and flats, and forget the UGG boots at home. If you think you’ll regret bringing a pair of cute shoes behind, bring it. It’s a vacation, not a chore.

Don’t forget not to bring a jacket! That being said, there is still the chilly plane ride to get through. Rather than carting around a coat just for the plane, there are a few alternatives. One is to save space in your bag by layering clothes. Tank tops layer nicely with each other but mixing in a T-shirt is either a bold fashion statement or a rookie mistake. Leggings match up well with a short skirt but rarely go with shorts.


Vacation Clothes: What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

Don’t spoil your trip. Plan ahead with these packing tips.

Bring these:

New Swim Suit
When is the last time you tried on your swimming suit? Has it been a few months, maybe a whole year? Chances are it doesn’t fit quite like it used to, and there is no shame in that. The goal is to find a swim suit that fits your body perfectly and helps you look your best. Nothing is more embarrassing than a wardrobe malfunction at the pool, so make sure you try on your old swim suit before dropping it in your luggage.

Formal Outfit
Each vacation has at least one fancy dinner. At these dinners, at least one guest is caught wearing shorts and a graphic t-shirt. Don’t worry about breaking the bank on a new outfit. That is what boutiques are for. Fall in love with a new cocktail dress, a good-as-new dress shirt, or whatever the occasion may call for.

Skip these:

In terms of packing space, one pair of jeans equals two skirts or three sets of leggings. If you need something a little thicker, we recommend khakis as a denim substitute. Don’t worry about it if you have extra room, but if space gets tight, jeans should be the first to go.

Sweaters are another thing to leave behind. It’s hard to get away with wearing the same sweater twice, so it is better to mix and match with long-sleeved shirts and stylish cardigans.


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Established: 1991

Brands Carried

Lines we carry: Clara Sun Woo chic knit jersey separates and coordinates, great for travel and everyday Lulu B resort wear line, Miami based family company, reasonably priced and comparable to high end lines Habitat well loved coordinates, "Clothes you live in" is company motto Cut Loose domestic made cotton, cotton linen and other blends T shirts in solids and stripes. A fantastic line, which the owner wears all the time Neon Buddha chic answer to basic t's and tops. IC Collection fashion forward cutting edge designs, primarily dressy (dressier?) jackets and tops Nally & Millie stylish contemporary tops with a California look we also carry literally dozens of missy contemporary sportswear.